Team Rules

Jr. High Football Training Rules & Regulations

1. No drinking alcoholic beverages, using drugs, or any use of tobacco: School dirtybird-wfists-2c-72policy dictates penalty. You have the right to choose what direction you want to go in life. If any of the above is more important to you than the game of football, you should strongly reconsider being on any form of a team.

2. Swearing and abusive language will not be tolerated on or off the field: We expect you to act like gentlemen at all times. You are representing yourself and St. Albert. Make people proud of you, not ashamed.

3. You will not miss practice: It is very important for you to be at every practice if you wish to be a part of success. If you have a conflict you must see one of your coaches. About the only thing that will be considered an excused absence is a St. Albert School function. There are times when family emergencies dictate that you may have to miss practice. If you plan to miss you must contact one of the coaches by phone and if no one answers, leave them a voice mail message. The Head Coach will determine if it is an excused absence. An unexcused absence will affect your playing time. (Examples of unexcused absences are: vacations, club sports, club dance, family outings, etc.) You are expected to be at pre-game no matter what day it is on. An unexcused absence on pre-game will result in not starting the next game. An unexcused game day absence will result in missing the next game. Get in contact with the coaches, do not tell another player to tell the coach, ahead of time to avoid any confusion.

4. Be on time: We expect you to be on time for every meeting, practice, and game. It shows responsibility, and it shows that you care about being a part of the Falcons’ Football Team. If your practice starts at 4:30 P.M., that means be dressed and ready to go at 4:30. On all games, be dressed and at the field one hour prior to the start of the game.

5. Negative words in practice: Can’t, never, etc. are negative words that will not lead to success. Get in the habit of thinking what is possible and what can be accomplished. Never make excuses or expect favors. Excuses will not make you successful.

6. Injuries: All injuries are to be reported to your coaches immediately. You will have to play with pain but not with an injury. You must know the difference between pain and injury. Report all injuries at once and get in to see Jill White the trainer. If you are injured and in school, but cannot practice, you are still required to be at practice. If you are at the trainers or doctors you need to call and let one of the coaches know. Also if you have injury you need to check in with the trainer everyday for a progress report on your injury. We need everyone healthy in order to be successful. If you have an injury, you will not be able to play until you get a release from a doctor or our trainer.

7. Transportation: It will be up to you to get a ride to the game. On days that there is questionable weather please check the website for any cancellations.

8. Curfew: Sleep and proper diet is essential for young athletes to function properly. We ask our athletes to make sure you get the proper rest it takes to be able to get the most out of your ability, especially the day before the contest. We would like to have you home by 9:30 P.M. the night before the game.

9. To get respect you must give it: Respect all teammates, classmates, parents, teachers, administrators, and anyone else you may come in contact with. If you wish to be treated like an adult, then you must act like one.

10. Academics: You will be expected to use the study hall every day. Your grades will be monitored by the coaching staff every week. If you are getting 2 or more D’s then you will not able to play in that week’s game.

11. Communication keeps up great attitude and squad moral: If you have a question about the role that you are playing on this squad, please do not hesitate to ask the head coach to sit down and talk about it. He is there because he cares about you as a squad member and a person. He does not expect to get a phone call from a parent unless the athlete has talked to the head coach first.

12. Uniforms: All uniforms will be turned in at the end of the season; There will be a $200.00 fine for any part of the uniform or equipment that is not returned

13. Do not step on the field unless you can give us 100% Do not step on the practice field unless you are prepared to listen, learn, and hustle for 2 ½ to 3 hours. You will run to each drill, and you will be expected to give 100% all of the time. There is no walking on the practice field.

14. Tradition: The tradition at St. Albert goes back 50 years. You are now apart of that tradition. It will take a lot of hard work, determination, and leadership by everyone to make this year’s team successful. Coaches: Head Coach; Owen Burgin 712-314-9909